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How We Built A 6-Figure Business In Less Than A Year

business business tips content marketing digital marketing how to grow a business online personal branding small business social media marketing agency Feb 08, 2022

It's usually the first question we get asked when people find out what it is that we do.  "Guys, how were you able to build a multiple 6-figure business in just a year?"  The more important question they ask though is, "Would it work for me?"

The answer is yes . . . ALWAYS YES . . . if you want it to.

There were a lot of moving parts, planning, and strategy that went into us going viral on 5 social media platforms and turning it into a thriving business.  But one part of the equation was always first, and always stayed the same, and that was our personal brand.

I gotta tell you, it's been pretty funny over the last year to hear the "advice" that people have given us when it comes to being successful in business.  Here is some of the "stellar" advice we received:

  • Only focus on one social media platform
  • You can't build a business together
  • Your content isn't valuable enough (😂)
  • You guys aren't professional enough for your industry

The truth is, these are all misguided notions from other business owners that HAVEN'T seen success doing these things, therefore they think that they can't work.  That's not the truth, the truth of the matter is, these don't work for them because:

They haven't built a strong enough personal brand.

So many business owners are out here trying to compete on knowledge, but that's a recipe for disaster because everyone has access to information.  The better play, however, is to lean into what makes you and your business different . . . your personal brand!

Today, I want to give you 3 quick ways that you can start to strengthen your personal brand, elevating yourself above the competition and standing out online.

The first way is to go live on social media.  Nothing builds more trust than going live, because here's the thing: people can fake social media content (and they do, all the time), but they can't fake a live.  By you going live, you give your audience the most authentic version of you that they can possibly get.

Plus, there are so many added bonuses to going live, such as building a stronger relationship with your audience, being able to answer their questions, and so on.  If you're NOT someone who goes live, ESPECIALLY on TikTok, I'd highly recommend you create a live schedule for yourself of 30-minutes at least twice a week.

The second thing you can do is utilize short-form video across all social media platforms as much as possible.  Think about it: what type of content do you think would build a better relationship with your audience: blocks of text or moving images of you?

I hope you didn't actually have to think about that . . .

There's a reason video content is getting algorithm favor across all social media platforms . . . it's because it's what people want to see!  They want to see YOU, the face behind the brand.  So make it a point to implement video into your social media strategy, no matter what platform you're on!

The last suggestion and this is one that you can do if you're comfortable with it, and that's to be as vulnerable as you're willing to be on social media.  People can't relate to you if your life is this amazing thing that never has any issues at all . . .

Because most people's lives feel like a hot mess on an everyday basis!

By you sharing what you're going through, it makes you human.  It shows your audience that you're not just another business that's about selling products, but that you're a person just like them that experiences crappy stuff JUST LIKE THEM.

You'd be surprised at how powerful this is.

In 2022 and beyond, it's going to be vitally important that you have a strategy for standing out online, and there's no better strategy I can think of than leaning into what makes you different, which is your personal brand.

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