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5 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

digital marketing agency email marketing personal branding social media marketing Jul 21, 2022

Even though email marketing has been around for a long time, it is still one of the best ways to connect with your audience and build a relationship with them.  Also, it’s been said that for every one person that’s on your email list you can expect a $38 dollar return . . . that means if you have a list of 1000 people you can expect to make an average of $38,000 off your list . . . that’s crazy!

Not only that but with social media platforms making constant changes to their platforms and their algorithms, having something that your business owns cannot be understated.  Your social media following could be there one day and gone the next . . . but not your email list.  That is something that you own and can take with you anywhere.

However, more and more business owners and finding it tough to convert their email marketing.  With people receiving an average of 100 emails per day, you can understand why more and more people are hesitant to opt into people’s emails and why a lot of emails are going unread.  That’s why today I want to share with you five specific things you can do to help your email marketing strategy overall, whether it’s your open rate, consumption rate, or your sales rate from your emails.

Tip #1 - Create Different Sequences For Different Audiences

This is for business owners that have multiple freebies or products they use to have people opt into their email lists.  For example, if you’re a product-based business and you’re offering two completely different products in exchange for someone’s email, you can’t expect those people to want the same information from your emails.

They obviously opted in for different products and different reasons, so you need to make sure that for every free product or freebie you have, you’re creating a separate email sequence for each one.  How long each sequence should be depends on what you’re selling at the end of each (PRO TIP: you should always have something you’re offering at the end of your sequence).  If it’s a low-ticket offer (under $50) then a three or five email sequence should work just fine.  However, if you’re offering a $5,000 coaching program at the end, then you’re going to want AT LEAST a seven email sequence, because the more expensive the product, the more value people are going to want to see from you.

Tip #2 - Don’t Sell Every Email or Send Too Often

I feel like this shouldn’t really have to be said, except apparently, it does!  Did you know that last week I opted into three people’s email lists and not only did each one of them email me every single day . . . but they also tried to sell me a product every single day!  I can’t tell you how quickly I opted out of those email lists.  It literally felt like all they wanted to do was give me an average freebie (because honestly, they weren’t that valuable), just to be able to sell me every single day.


First of all, the quickest way to get someone to opt OUT of your email list is to email them every day. . . even if they’re a new subscriber.  Yes, you want your introductory email sequence to happen quickly, but at least leave a day in between each email, trust me. People will simply look at the frequency and be gone.  Second, don’t sell in every email, that’s like trying to take home a first date . . . you have to build the relationship first.  Give before you’re ever expecting to get anything in return.  These are the two biggest things to avoid in my opinion if you want to keep the email list you work so hard to build.

Tip #3 - Test Different Email Layouts

Have you noticed that we as people get bored really easily?  I mean, look no further than how fast the average person scrolls the TikTok FYP or Instagram Reel’s page . . . which means you have to understand this when it comes to how you create emails.

You can’t simply copy/paste the same email format week after week and expect your audience to still stay engaged . . . because, after a while, they’ll notice it’s the same old thing, and either opt-out or simply stop opening your emails altogether.

Chances are whatever email provider you use has a ton of different layouts you can choose from, so don’t be afraid to experiment with a few different layouts to see which your audience opens the most and responds to the most (with actual responses or sales).  Do A-B split testing among your different audiences, because I think you’ll be surprised that the one you THINK will do the best, may not be the best performing one at all.

Tip #4 - Have A Compelling Headline & Preview Text

We talked earlier about the average person receiving approximately 100 emails a day . . . which means that if you’re going to have your email be one of the few that gets opened, it’s going to have to be compelling.  Now, when I say compelling, I don’t mean create a clickbait title.  Don’t try to create a shocking headline that has NOTHING to do with your email, simply to try and trick people into opening it.  They’ll opt out of your list so quickly that it’ll make you wonder where everyone went.

If you need help, research people that write great hooks and study what about them makes them so great.  But the best thing you can do is just practice.  Practice your hooks in your emails, in your social media captions, on your blogs . . . basically anywhere you can use a hook, you should be practicing.

Also, make sure you’re filling out the preview text.  Before people open your email, they’re going to want some idea of what the email is about, and having that preview text will help let them know a little about it without giving away the good stuff.  I almost consider the preview text a longer version of a hook, because done right, you can really pull people into wanting to read the rest of the email.

Tip #5 - Make Sure You Avoid The Spam Folder

This one is simple: don’t use things like GIF’s and videos or else you’re going to end up in the spam folder.  I can’t believe so many email marketing people are saying to use video in your email when the email providers will SPECIFICALLY TELL YOU that doing this gives you a great chance of ending up in a person’s spam folder.

If you’re looking for clarification, connect with your email provider’s help department and ask them specifically about the use of GIF’s and videos in your emails.  Chances are they’ll tell you the same, but if they say that it’s okay, then go for it (I’d still recommend against it).  I think the combination of photos and texts adds enough to an email for people to remain interested, but again, if you’re wanting to test the waters, make sure you talk to your email provider FIRST before you make any changes.

If you follow these five tips that I’ve laid out for you, you’ll not only get more people to opt into your email lists, but you’ll build a better relationship with them because your emails are getting opened more frequently, and ultimately, you’ll sell more products and services because of it!