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How to Build Business Habits That ACTUALLY Stick

best social media platforms digital marketing digital marketing agency habit habits how to build habits mindset social media marketing social media marketing agency Jan 10, 2022

You hear a lot of information about habits, don't you?  How to build habits in your life, how long it takes, the best way to do it . . . all the information can seem a little confusing and conflicting, can't it?

That's why I stopped focusing on what everyone else said about habits, and started to focus on figuring out what worked best for ME when it came to building the necessary habits I needed to in my life to be successful.  The following is how I like to build habits into my life.  I share this with you in case you're looking for a way to try and build a new habit in your life, I hope that this helps you achieve success.

The first thing I like to do is write down a list of all the habits that I want to implement in my life.  If you really think about it, I'm sure that you could come up with 5-10 habits you'd like to start implementing in your life ASAP, and that's great!  The problem is if you try to focus on doing too many things at one time, especially new things, you're liable to burn yourself out before you even start!

So first let's make that list of all the habits you'd like to start doing.  The next thing we're going to do is take that list and order them from most important (1) to the least important.  For example, say you have cold call potential clients as one habit, and putting your phone down by 7 pm every night.  You have to decide between those two, which is the more important habit you'd like to start FIRST.

Say you choose the leads for your business . . . that's great!  Say you want to make it a goal to call 100 people a week as your habit.  First things first, don't start out with trying to do 100 calls that the first week, or else you'll burn yourself out!  The key is to start with the smallest increment, but not just that . . . you want to start with the smallest increment that MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING!

If calling one person doesn't do that, then figure out the balance between what feels like you accomplished something, and before burnout.  Because if you don't feel like you're accomplishing something each and every day when you call, then guess what?  You won't keep doing it.  Once you figure out that baseline, then you're off!

As each week goes by in this example, you'd keep upping the number of calls each week SLOWLY until you reached your goal and habit of 100 weekly calls.  It sounds like a lot, but when you start slowly and you have a solid strategy for building a habit into your life, you'd be amazed at what you can accomplish over time!

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