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How to Pitch Yourself As A Digital Marketer

digital marketers digital marketing digital marketing agency how to start a digital marketing agency social media manager social media marketing social media marketing agency Dec 06, 2021

Pitching yourself as a digital marketer can be tough, especially if you're not used to being in a sales environment.  For most people, it ranks up there with public speaking as one of their LEAST favorite things.  Today, however, we want to change that.  We want to make it easy for you to approach your pitch as a digital marketer because you know the objections beforehand, AND how to handle them with ease, so let's go!

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When pitching yourself as a digital marketer, you want to remember to paint everything from a perspective of why it's helping them, whether it's alleviating a pain point, making them more money, etc. you want to make crystal clear why you're worth it . . . because you are!

The first and most obvious benefit is that it saves your potential clients time.  You doing their social media, for example, means that they're NOT, meaning they have time to do other things they SHOULD be doing.  So talking about that time and how they can better use it is key when talking about saving time!

The second thing is that you are the expert.  Just like they're the expert in what it is that they do, you're the expert in social media.  And by you being an expert, it means that you'll get the job done better and fast than they ever could!

The third thing, and it sort of relates to the first thing, is that by taking off their plate, whatever you're doing, it allows them more time to focus on what they're good at, being their, "Zone of genius."  By them focusing on what they're good at, it allows them to do things like make more money, scale their business, build valuable connections, etc.  They can't do this if they're stuck behind a computer doing social media every day.  Paint that picture for them!

The fourth thing is access to the tools and resources that your agency provides.  We give our clients access to a scheduling software, analytics, and many others, that they never pay for.  If we charged them, they'd easily be over $500, but we don't charge them, and that's important when it comes to differentiating yourself!

The last thing, and we'd say the most important thing, is access to our network.  Working in the business for over the past 15+ years, you can bet we've made some friends, and our clients get access to that full network of people.  We've been able to land brand collaborations for people, guest spots on podcasts, basically, places they might never have gotten had we not opened that door (*this is another way to make yourself VASTLY more valuable than any other digital marketing agency).

Pitching yourself as a digital marketer or agency doesn't have to be scary, as long as you understand how to portray the "why" it makes sense to hire you on instead of doing it themselves.

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