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How Many Social Media Platforms Should I Be On In 2022?

how to grow on social media marketing marketing strategy social media growth social media marketing social media strategy social media tips 2021 May 05, 2021
This image shows a bunch of social media icons with Instagram being chosen and the option

The million-dollar question we get asked at LEAST twice a day: "Should I focus on JUST Instagram or should I create content for every platform?"  The question is always the same, but the answer rarely is.  So today we want to break down the question, give you both sides of the argument, and hopefully give you some clarity moving forward in your business.

When thinking about social media, you need to first ask yourself where you're at on your entrepreneurial journey.  Did you just start your business?  Are you making money?  How much?  The reason this is the first question to ask yourself is that you need to know how many resources you have to be able to dedicate to putting out social media content. 

If you're brand new in business not yet making money, then it's going to be really tough for you to create content for 5-6 social media platforms all by yourself.  However, if you're making 6-figures, you can probably hire 1-2 people who can help you create the content needed to be omnipresent.

The second thing you'll want to think about is if it even makes sense to be on multiple social media channels.  Ask yourself where your ideal audience hangs out?  Chances are the bulk of them hang out on 2-3 main social media platforms at most.  Do some of them use those other platforms?  Sure.  But you have to ask if it's worth creating content for 2-3 social platforms that most of your audience might not see.  

The last thing is to think about yourself.  Do you have the physical/emotional/mental capacity to be on social media and create that much content?  If not, that's okay!  Do what is best for you and your mental health, because as someone who has experienced burnout multiple times throughout my life, it's not worth it.  Ever.

All that being said, in our opinion, I would start with 1-2 social media platforms, and go from there.  The reason I say 2 instead of just 1 is because a lot of social media platforms are now set up to cross-pollinate very easily.

For example, you hear us on Clubhouse, but want to DM us a question, you have to go to Instagram to do it.  So those would be two platforms we focus on in unity.  Another example is TikTok to YouTube.  People watch TikTok, want to see more from that creator, so they click the link in their profile, and head over to their YouTube.

The main thing to ALWAYS focus on is producing valuable, high-quality content that helps your ideal audience solve a problem.  If you do that, each platform you are on will grow an engaged, targeted community!

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