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3 Things Your Business Is Losing By Not Having A Social Media Strategy

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What does it mean to have a "social media strategy?"  Because I bet if we polled most business owners, and asked them if they felt like they had a good social media strategy in place, they'd say yes.

Yet, those would be the same business owners you hear saying that they're not getting enough:

  • sales
  • leads
  • engagement

That begs me then to ask the question . . . "Do you REALLY have a social media strategy?  Or are just posting on social media THINKING it's a strategy?"

Unfortunately, the answer for most businesses is the latter.

You're posting on social media, you're doing your thing, posting a reel on these days, and this on that day, but let me ask you a question: is there a reason you're posting those things on that day?  And even further: does your audience know the reason?

NOT having a social media strategy will definitely cost you the things I spoke about above: sales, leads, and engagement.  But today I want to focus on 3 things I believe NOT having a social media strategy will cost you that are more important than the things above because they don't just affect your business now, they affect it in the future to come.

The first thing not having a strategy will cost you is the connection you have with your audience.  Your audience will feel more connected with you the more they understand you, and what better way to understand a person than through the content they create.

The problem becomes when your content is all over the place and isn't structured in any sort of way that makes sense to your audience.  It's very hard to understand anything when the information is all over the place, and that's exactly what your social media profiles will look like to your audience if there is no strategy in place.

The second thing NOT having a social media strategy is costing you is lifetime value, and I'm not just talking about in terms of money.  A person will follow you, stay around, and engage with your content as long as it makes sense to them.

Well, if that's the case, they're much more likely to follow you for a lot longer if your content follows some sort of structure, makes some sort of sense when it comes to your products/services/what you're trying to educate people on.

The last thing you're losing out on by NOT having a social media strategy is you're losing out on sharability.  What I mean by sharability is that your content is much more likely to be shared by your audience to other people if it makes sense and more importantly, they think it will make sense to the audience they're sharing it with.

If your content is all over the place and makes no sense, why would someone who's following you share it with their audience?  If it doesn't make sense to them it DEFINITELY won't make sense to their audience.   So make sure that you create content that if shared, not only makes sense to the audience you're sharing it to, but the audience they could possibly share it to as well.

 Not having a social media strategy is why a lot of business owners struggle to grow and sell online.  They're posting and doing all the things they think they see other people doing that are successful, but what they don't realize, is that behind the posting of those successful people is a really great strategy.

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