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How to Build A Personal Brand Online

business tips content marketing digital marketing how to grow on social media personal brand personal branding small business tips social media marketing agency Feb 10, 2022

Building a strong personal brand has never been as important for your business as it is in 2022.  With COVID still going on, and millions of people quitting their jobs to start their own business, competition online has never been this fierce.

I'm not usually one for the doom and gloom, but it's just simple math.  More people online promoting their business means standing out isn't going to be as simple as just posting reels or short-form video . . . you're going to have to do something different.

We were able to build a 6-figure business in less than a year because we built our business on three solid pillars when it came to our personal brand, and these are what I'd like to share with you today, in hopes they help you create a strategy for YOUR business to stand out!

The first pillar is knowledge.  There's no way around it: if you don't know what you're talking about, people aren't going to buy a thing from you.  If you're a product-based business, people are going to expect you to know about those types of products and the industry that you're in.

If you're a service-based provider, people are going to want to see that you have some sort of credentials, past job history, or anything that shows you have the knowledge and expertise to be doing what it is that you do.

This also means continuing to learn and stay updated about your industry (this is where most business owners lack).  You can't just live off the knowledge you know, because you've already gotten as far as that information will take you.  Make it a point to prioritize learning more about what it is that you do.

The second pillar is relationships.  If you've seen our content, then you can really tell that we love each other and care about each other.  Well that's the same way we want anyone to feel who interacts with us, whether that be a brand new follower on Instagram, or a long-time client of ours.

Yes, businesses need to make money.  But we've been to able to make the most money in our business when we STOPPED focusing on the money, and we really focussed on getting results for other people.  Results for others means results for you.

The third pillar is results.  Let's be real: there's a lot of people going around on social media, claiming to have results, made this much money, etc. etc. only to find out that none of it is true.  People can see if you're faking results, so by focusing on knowledge, and building great relationships with people, you then allow the 3rd pillar (results) to start and take effect.

Results speak louder than words, and the more legit results you can show people that you've gotten past customers and clients, the more business you'll continually have.  People will always buy from a business that they KNOW will get them results.

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